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Oil Gas

 Job# 23124

by Gspc in UAE- Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Around 21 years of experience in E&P (Oil and Gas), involved in Oil & Gas Processing, Production thru GGS, Activation of wells, Planning Design and Execution of well Stimulation jobs, Planning, Design & Execution of Work over Operations, Start-up & Shutdown of SCADA based Process Plant and its Opera...
Posted May 01, 2019

Senior Retail Visualizer

 Job# 48

by Classic Retail Imaging Solution, Andheri in India

Responsible for developing and executing creative concepts. Visualize design with production point of view i.e. limitation of materials, use of different material creatively. Expertise in:   POP Displays, Experience Zone, Permanent & temporary  MT & GT POP solutions , Visual Merchandising, K...
Posted Apr 20, 2017